Sitemap - 2023 - zensounds with Stephan Kunze

I'm Not Turning Into an 'Influencer'


Year-End List 2023

Ambient Label 12k: A New Continent

Mystical Gardens

André 3000: Flutes, Echoes, It's All Happening!

Anenon: No More Parties in L.A.

I Went to Überjazz and Listened to Spiderland

Valentina Magaletti on Influences, Work Ethic and Better Corners

Reading List: A Beginner's Guide to Zen

Bex Burch on Messy Minimalism

Simon Lovermann is a Wanderer Between Scenes

Jazz Label Red Hook Transcends Genre

Intermission: Climbing Mount Analogue

Samuel Reinhard on Space, Slowness and Social Media

Colleen, the Shape-Shifter

Revisiting Sonic Youth's Early Catalogue

I Went to Café OTO for the First Time in My Life

Berlin Atonal 2023

Tirzah Has a New Album Out – And It Feels Like One Long, Broken Song

Kubik Kollektiv and Deep Japanese Jazz

More Barber Beats

Barber Beats

Intermission: Urban Darkness

We Still Love Vaporwave

Here and Now

How I Turned Into a Gorpcore Minimalist

John Cage's Rare Mushrooms & Truffles

The Haunting, Baroque Nostalgia of Dead Can Dance

The Sound of Swedish Summer: Blue Lake

The Mystery of Oleksandr Yurchenko

Nuno Canavarro: Music for 70 Serpents

Outsider Music and Natural Coffee

Holy Tongue Use Dub as a Vessel

McNeal and Niles Recorded in a Car Wash

How I Became a Long-Distance Runner

Penelope Trappes Channels Ghosts on Tape

Michael O'Shea: Happy and Anonymous

Rezzett Break Their Silence

Lebanon's Golden Age: Ferkat Al Ard

Jim O'Rourke Is Happy, and He's Singing, and a 1,2,3,4

Hania Rani Has Turned Into a Phenomenon

It Seemed Like Someone Else's Life

Lia Kohl Uses Analog Radios as Instruments

King Vision Ultra Conjures A Pre-Internet New York

Carlos Cipa Has No Problem With Simplicity

Ambient Guitar: Jonathan Bockelmann

Organic Music Society

China Blue on Deep Listening and Soundwalks

Revisiting Olivia Block's Karren

èvia's wintry lowercase sounds

Clarice Jensen: Becoming a Storm

Ani Zakareishvili Captures The Beauty of Surrender

Samuel Reinhard Likes The Spot in the Background

Kabuki on Jungle, Japan and Werner Herzog

Patricia Wolf on the Magic of Field Recordings