The celebrated Polish pianist wrote her newest album in the snowy Swiss mountains
Why personal branding is wrong, limiting and can even make you sick
The Chicago-based composer uses analog radios as instruments; plus DJ Muggs' proper Zen life lessons
Geng PTP's »Shook World« mixtape is an urgent dispatch from present-day New York City
The Munich composer's new album »Ourselves, as we are« is a radical statement of simplicity

February 2023

No new issue this week, just some really good ambient rap
The German classical guitarist evokes a sense of awe and wonder on his debut album »Childish Mind«
Spiritual trance sounds by Don Cherry & Jean Schwarz and Mahmoud Guinia with Pharoah Sanders
A conversation about the voice of the Eiffel tower, the acoustics of Saturn's rings and a shock wave leveling a Siberian forest in 1908
Re-visiting her beautifully chaotic two-movement composition »Karren«

January 2023

Wintry lowercase sounds from an anonymous Berlin based sound artist
»Esthesis« is inspired by Chinese philosophy, American minimalism and a letter from Simone de Beauvoir