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Thanks for those 2 recommendations: Great records. I only follow Muggs career from afar and missed this release. Lia Kohl is new to me and I'm happy to have found out about her music today.

I totally get what you say about the length of records. I'm an experimental musician myself and have been guilty of releasing some 2+ hours records in the past. I'm not sure "guilty" is the right word though because it might be something one have to do before having the self-confidence and self-awareness of what we try to convey before being able to put that in a more digestible package.

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Thanks a lot Stephan. Generally for Zen Sounds. And specifically for making my spectrum wider with every read, through the introduction and recommendation of outstanding, partly never-heard-before people, their music/art and a lot of great accompanying thoughts from you.

Caught me at the right time, in a crucial moment of my life...

Just read the quote of Muggs. Felt like it could become a personal dogma.

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