Wintry lowercase sounds from an anonymous Berlin based sound artist
»Esthesis« is inspired by Chinese philosophy, American minimalism and a letter from Simone de Beauvoir
Getting lost in French New Wave films and the Georgian producer's »Fallin« EP
»Repetitions« is the perfect tape for the first weeks of the new year
Talking to the Frankfurt musician about the early days of jungle, Japanese artisanry, performance art and Werner Herzog
The Portland ambient/experimental artist about her musical biography, her life inspirations and a field recording trip to Mount St. Helens

December 2022

His »Duga-Three« concept mix is a singular entry in the experimental trance revivalists discography
Book recommendations from my favorite readings of this year
Music by Paperclip Minimiser, Lamin Fofana, Joy Helder, Madeleine Cocolas, Jan Steele & Janet Sherbourne, Jacob's Optical Stairway and The Cinematic…
The best ambient, jazz, experimental, contemporary classical and electro-acoustic music of the year, according to some of my favorite artists and music…

November 2022

Mit Musik von Meredith Monk, Duval Timothy, Actress, Carmen Villain, Ulla, Christina Vantzou und Malibu
Mit Musik von Tirzah, Nosaj Thing, Loraine James, Anja Lauvdal, Akai Solo und einer Re-Issue von Warps »Artificial Intelligence«